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Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight 2021: Mike Tyson, Jake Paul Makes NSFW Prediction

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul who is now a professional boxer is set to be in a Special Exhibition fight with Floyd Mayweather next month. The boxing fans around the globe have been waiting to see this highly unmatched yet amazingly exciting bout for quite a few months now. Every boxing fanatic gets hooked on the internet instantaneously whenever any news is revealed about the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight 2021.

Already the predictions on this bout have been given by many celebrities and famous people who are either ex-Boxing legends or enthusiasts. Recently, the biggest news on this bout is about Mike Tyson, a legend of the sport. Mike delivered his NSFW prediction over the Logan Paul fight 2021 on a podcast with the famous YouTuber himself just a few days ago. It may have sounded harsh, but Mike seemed to be spitting the brutal words of truth just like always.           


Logan Paul vs Mayweather Fight 2021

On 20 February 2021, the bout of Mayweather vs Logan Paul will be held, and both these celeb fighters will face each other in the ring. The match will be viewed as pay-per-view while Fanmio has got the boxing match’s official broadcasting right. People from all over the world can watch the fight live and can stream online too. 

The craze and buzz around the fight have been building up since the announcement came last year. The news of the fight created a shockwave among the boxing fans instantly. People couldn’t believe at first that 43 years old Floyd Mayweather would take the challenge and fight against the 25 years old Logan Paul. 

It is no secret that Logan Paul is no match at all in front of the achievements earned by Mayweather Jr. over the years. Mayweather is an undefeated, 12 times five divisions’ boxing champion. He also holds the record of staying undefeated in the ring for 50-0. Mayweather fought his last fight back in 2018 against Tenshin Nasukawa, which he won. On the other hand, Paul is a newbie in the sport and just has started his professional career. He fought only one match so far against a fellow YouTuber (KSI) and unfortunately lost that match. Currently, Logan Paul is holding a career stat of 0-1. 

Despite the fact that such massive inequality between these two people are still excited because there always remains the big question of uncertainty, What If? 

Mike Tyson Gives Logan Paul Reality Check Regarding Fight Against Floyd Mayweather

The Special Exhibition Fight of Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather 2021 had kept everyone at their edge of seats since last 6 December when the news broke out. Everyone is chirping with excitement now and then about this bout as the matchday is getting closer. The buzz has brought a new dimension added to it as Mike Tyson has weighed in this by predicting Logan Paul Boxing 2021.

Logan Paul has featured the former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson in his latest YouTube podcast, Impulsive. Mike was also asked to voice his thoughts on this upcoming bout of Mayweather vs. Logan Paul. As he was a controversial character all his career, Mike did something so typical of him yet shocking at the beginning of the podcast, which even made Paul rattle a bit. He just ate a four-gram of magic mushrooms on air, and it seemed quite alright with him anyway. 

When Mike was asked about the upcoming boxing match, he gave a finished look right at Paul’s eyes and, with a wry grin, said, “Floyd is going to beat your f**king a**!” Along with such a straightforward statement, he also added that “But it’s gonna be good! He is gonna fight back though!” In reply to Mike’s harsh prediction, Logan Paul then asked Tyson, 

Logan Paul

“You don’t think there’s going to be an opportunity to land a big punch on Floyd?”Mike then answered focusing on Mayweather’s beast-like work ethic, “Let me tell you something about Floyd. He’s in that gym. He doesn’t do drugs, that’s his heroin, the gym.” 

Mike Tyson

So, no matter what leverage or physical advantages Logan Paul may have than Mayweather but Mike has made it look very clear that against such a beast of the game, Logan Paul stands no chance at all. He may surely give a fight and make this bout look interesting for the fans, but ultimately Mayweather is undoubtedly the favorite here. But if it happens otherwise, then it will be the biggest upset ever in the history of the sport.                 

Jake Paul On Logan Paul Fight 2021

Jake Paul, the younger brother of Logan Paul, who happens to be another social media influencer and a famous YouTuber, has recently given his opinion about his brother’s upcoming fight. He thinks his brother Paul doesn’t have the faintest chances to defeat Mayweather, who has never been knocked down in his whole career. Jack said, “My brother is f**ked!” He also added, “It’s bad for the sport, I think it’s just for clout. My brother’s a fake fighter, I’m the real fighter.”

Jake fought against former NBA player Nate Robinson last November and won the match against him. Jake also mentioned his fighting stats and compared them to his brother. Jake said, “He’s 0-1-1, and I’m 3-0,” and he then also added, “I wish him the best of luck. I just like, don’t get in there with a guy who has never even been knocked down. He’s been knocked down once and it was by accident.”  

The exchange of such slightly heated words has been started when Logan Paul called his brother “F**king dumb!” as Jake was heard to be calling out the UFC legend Conor McGregor for a fight.      

Final Thoughts

On the next 20 February, all these clouds around the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Fight 2021 will get cleared, and the actual truth will unveil itself. The predictions and all the jabbing will continue until the match day, and somehow, that works as an air blower to the fight’s blazing vibe. Stay tuned and feel excited as the matchday is not very far anymore.